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How to Prepare and what to Expect
  •  4 Fat Loss Training Modules - This is where I’ll share all my HACKS and give you a plan to start implementing it.
  •  12 LIVE Clearing Sessions (3 per week for 30 days) - I’m going to personally coach you through every part of this program. I’ll be using my most transformational tapping (that I've previously only used with my private clients) to help you clear whatever is coming up. Fat loss brings up “stuff” so we’re gonna tap it away - You don’t have to come to every call, just come when you need some help, or listen and tap along to the replay.
  • Times and Dates will rotate to suit any timezone. You’ll be able to join online via Video Conference, or dial-in with your cell or landline telephone.
  • P.S. I charge $2,000/hr to tap with private clients $24,000 Value
  •  Q&A Laser Coaching - This program is LIVE - Every call you will be able to ask me questions personally- this is how I can get you the fastest results, everyone is different and my intuition guides me to give YOU the right answers for YOU
  •  Magical Shaman Drops Delivered to your Door Step - 1 year supply - These drops helped me overcome chronic fatigue, gut issues, thyroid problems, emotional instability, and extra weight.-
  •  Limited to First 100 Buyers- If you still see this option, that means its still available! 
  •  Lose 10 Pounds in a Bottle - Supplements - Delivered to your doorstep- 1 Month supply - Any time I get off these- I gain 10 pounds, these pills are amazing and I cant wait to share them with YOU! -         
  •  Limited to First 100 Buyers- If you still see this option, that means its still available! 
  •  Motivational Emails from me to keep you on track and motivated 
  •  Private VIP Facebook Page - ask me and my coaches questions anytime and get fast answers. Share your journey with your sisters for extra motivation
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  • 30 Day Fat Loss Hack
  •  1 payment of $1990
  • 30 Day Fat Loss Hack
  •  Save 50% and Pay 30 Day Fat Loss Hack - Only $995 if you share your results - can be written or photos, however you feel most comfortable!
+ Tons of Amazing Bonuses!
  • Access to our BRAND NEW Tapping APP- (My Tapping App) - filled with short tap-a-long audios you can listen to any time to stop cravings, overeating, low self-esteem, and binge eating. It’s like having me, in your pocket at all times :-) PRICELESS
  •  Stop Craving Chocolate
  •  Stop Craving Bread
  •  Stop Craving Sweets
  •  Stop Craving Ice Cream 
  •  Stop Craving Wine 
  •  I Can’t Stop Sabotaging Myself
  •  I Feel Overwhelmed
  •  I have a headache 
  •   I’m in a bad mood
  •  I'm Tired
  •  I’m Hungry
  •  I Feel Deprived
  •  I’m going through sugar withdrawal
  •  I Feel Rebellious
  •  Stop the Diet Mentality
  •  Food Makes Me Feel Good 
  •  I’m Afraid of Feeling My Feelings 
  •  The Binge Eliminator
  •  I Feel Anxiety About Moving Forward On My Own
  • Positive Tapping Scripts to encourage Positive change:
  • Morning Tapping to start the day off right
  •  I am a Confident, Magnetic, Woman Who Loves Herself
  •  I’m Excited for Positive Change
  •  Living A Healthy Life Comes Easy To Me 
  •  I Have a Healthy Gut
  •  Sleep Well and Deeply Nightly Tapping Meditation
  •  Special Training: Exercise for Fat Loss HACK that anyone can do easily 
  • Cellulite Reduction Device - it costs $3 dollars and gets rid of cellulite, cleanses your lymphatic system and tons of other cool health benefits! 
  •  At Home Fat Loss Device - Ill show you a system that costs around $20 dollars that melts fat off your body while you’re sitting, yes, it works, I have one, and I use it often. 
  •  Advanced Fat Loss - How to Keep Losing Weight After the Program is over 
  •  10-Day Meal Plan - that is DELICIOUS! ($49 value)
  •  7-Day Meal Plan for Vegans ($29 value)
  •  Hunger Suppressor Super Girl Shake Recipe ($19 value)
  •  Written Summaries and Q&A ($49 value)
  •  Lessons and Audio’s Available on Tapping App ($99 value)
I’ve easily spent more than $20,000 dollars experimenting with different supplements. - 

How do you know which ones will actually get you results?

I’ve done all that work for you… 

There are 2 Options to participate in this program: 

Option 1: Enroll today for $1990 

Since this is the beta version, we’ll need stories and testimonials… 

Option 2: Save 50% Pay ONLY $995 if you share your results at the end of the program (can be written or photos, however, you feel most comfortable).

So, if you agree to share your story with us at the end- you can have the program today for just $995.

"I was so skeptical when I first got started with your program, Brittany, because I too have tried just about EVERYTHING, but your techniques really work! Thank you, thank you, thank you! <3"
"Love would be an understatement for her programs! I have had sugar cookies, cupcakes, and candy bars just sitting in my cupboard for over 3weeks now (I would never buy these before because I'd eat them all until they were all gone) and I haven't even wanted them. I took a bite of a gluten free cookie my mom brought home the other day, and I only ate a couple bites because it was way too sweet. This has never been the case for me in the past, as I could eat sugar all day long and still want more."
"I have only just started the program but I can already see massive changes in my attitude to food and my appetite is considerable smaller. Tapping has thrown up things from my past that I had forgotten about and has allowed me to deal with them. I really feel that I am finally on the right track. Thank you Brittany."
"I have followed Brittany Watkins for 4 years. I've done TONS of emotional work- she is HANDS DOWN the best. Her techniques work. Period. These tools are invaluable."
"Yes, be patient with yourself and open to the process. I started this program over a year ago and it has really helped me in so many ways, with the most visible being losing 27 pounds and getting so much healthier but the most important being the work on my internal challenges. Reaching out is a great sign that you are ready for positive change. All the best..."