Learn My Secret Step-by-Step Method to Cure Emotional Eating
Push the Food Away without feeling deprived... even in the middle of a binge!
My LIVE training will cover:
My step-by-step method that cures an emotional eating binge in about 15 minutes. 

Why STOPPING eating can be almost impossible.

The difference between cravings and emotional eating.

How to push the food away even in the middle of a binge.
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We'll be together for 90 Minutes. 
Bring your favorite trigger food to the call!
'I thought giving myself permission to eat anything would make me balloon up into the size of a house…' 
 'Now I eat whatever I want without guilt or shame.' 

I’ll be teaching my signature technique “Echo Tapping,™” a step-by-step process to push the food away even in the middle of a binge. 

I could NEVER even think about pushing food away when I was eating emotionally.

“Get this food in my mouth right now!” was all I could think about… followed by the inevitable crushing guilt and feeling like a complete failure... and then the planning of the new diet that I would start tomorrow…

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Jon Gabriel flipped when he interviewed me for his World Summit and declared:

“...finally, a technique that really gets to the root of emotional eating!”
Check out what some of my previous students have said:
"I’ve had a bunch of mini breakthroughs after doing the ‘Push the Food Away’ exercise. I never thought I could actually stop thinking of food, I’m officially no longer an emotional eater!" – Leslie

"I’ve been doing the pushing the food away, and it’s just been amazing, how much less I’ve been eating." – Ruthie

"There was no battle. There was no feeling of deprivation." – Lindsay

"Never thought I could actually stop thinking about food." – Lauren

If you’d like to learn my secret weapon to stop emotional eating, then grab your favorite snacks and join me on Saturday! 

The class is going to run for about 90 minutes. Bring a favorite trigger food. 

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Brittany Watkins is a weight loss coach, author, and is widely known as one of the foremost experts in Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT/tapping) for emotional eating and weight loss.

Her wildly popular tele-classes and online programs, based on 15 years of research on weight loss, self-sabotage and leading-edge science, teach people how to apply specific techniques to quickly and effortlessly eliminate binging, food cravings, and all other forms of emotional eating.

Her approach to weight loss clears the underlying emotional drivers that cause disordered eating, pinpointing the root of the problem—even if you don’t know what it is—and reprogramming negative thought patterns by upgrading the “software” of the mind.
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